Commercial video processors

Sometimes the best move is not to DIY, especially if you're looking for something which can display HDCP protected sources or want something that Just Works™. Commercial alternatives have some significant advantages over VideoProcessor:

  • Able to play any source, including HDCP protected content.
  • It just works.
  • Support.
  • Updates that are well tested and guaranteed to work.
  • Better (or perfect) frame clock sync leading to less jitter.
  • Easier to control and set up.
  • An expected lifetime well beyond this Open Source project which is only supported while the developers are interested.

With that out of the way, here are the most well known video processors on the market, some are stand-alone and some are integrated into higher-end displays and beamers:

The 4k HDR list.

  • madVR labs makes a device called the Envy which can do both HDR tonemapping and 3d luts
  • Lumagen makes a device called the Radiance Pro which can also do HDR tonemapping.
  • Higher end Sony and JVC projectors can do HDR tonemapping internally.
  • Higher end projectors and OLED TVs often can do 3DLUT internally.

The lower-end list.